11 May 2016

Balinese Dance in Balerung - Ubud - Bali

Balerung Mandera Srinertya Waditra
Kompleks Puri Guruh Sindang Paridesa,
Br Teruna Peliatan, 
Ubud 90571,
Tel: (+62361) 972124 / 970503
Email: balerungstage_peliatan@yahoo.com

Do you remember my journey to SenS Spa & Hotel + Conference in Ubud Bali? You can read it at: http://astridamalia.blogspot.com/2016/05/sens-hotel-and-spa-conference.html  

One of the activities the hotel can arrange for its guests is to visit the Balinese dance near the hotel. When I stay in SenS Ubud Hotel, the hotel arranges a visit to the Balinese dance in Balerung Mandera Srinertya Waditra. The Balerung is located in the midst of local villagers’ houses and the paddy fields of Banjar Teges Kawan Yangloni.

The meaning of Balerung Mandera Srinertya Waditra is a large building / hall created by Mandera for performing dance and gamelan music. It is designed in typical Balinese style.
Anak Agung Gede Mandera is a famous musician and choreographer and one of the founders of the Gong Kebyar style of music and dance in Peliatan.

The Balerung is established by A. A. Gede Oka Dalem, an architect, dancer, and choreographer and one of Agung Mandera’s sons, in 2000 as a place for Balinese artists to practice and perform music and dance, particularly the musicians and dancers from the village of Peliatan, with the aim of preserving the classical music and dance of the Peliatan area and further developing Balinese dance.

Besides performing for local and foreign tourists, the Balinese dance in the Balerung is also performed for religious ceremonies, social and commercial functions.

During the Balinese Dance, there is a welcome greeting by the traditional orchestra music from traditional music instruments called Gamelan and Gong. I can enjoy the beauty of Balinese Dancers and the uniqueness of the dance itself too. The dance, the story and the performers create a great drama. Well, I don't understand the Balinese language the performers use in the drama, but it is enough for me to enjoy the beauty of this Balinese performing arts. From here, I understand that arts speak through its universal language. I don't have to understand, I just feel it and enjoy it. 

The Barong

The Drama 


The Dancers

The Gamelan Man

The whole Balinese Dance is awesome! They amaze my eyes and my heart. The music is very nice to my ears, and all the performers are the sweet fruits to my eyes. By watching the dance, I know that Indonesia has a lot more culture to discover. I am proud to be Indonesian. 

If you want to go to the Balerung, it is only a 20 minutes walk from the center of Ubud to Balerung via the main road (Jalan Raya Peliatan). 
If you drive a car, get off at Peliatan, near Puri Agung or the Peliatan Market (Pasar Peliatan). Then, walk towards a large banyan tree (pohon beringin) on the eastern side of the intersection, and continue walking eastward for a few minutes following the directions given on the map.

Thank you, SenS Hotel and Spa + Conference, for the tour to this Balinese Dance.

Don't forget to ask the staffs from SenS Ubud Hotel if you want to experience my beautiful journey here. 

Have a great holiday! 

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