21 March 2016

Omakase Lunch with Chef Akira Watanabe at AW Kitchen Plaza Indonesia

AW Kitchen by Akira Watanabe
Plaza Indonesia
2nd Floor,
Jln. MH. Thamrin
Central Jakarta

After my few visits to AW Kitchen, the recent visit I make to AW Kitchen is at the grand opening of their second brand new branch in Plaza Indonesia.
At the grand opening of this pasta house, the theme is "Omakase Lunch". Omakase means "I will leave it up to you". This also means that the lunch we have is arranged and chosen by the Chef. This usually happens when the guest doesn't know what to order or the menus are set up for some special events.

The lunch set is decided by Celebrity Chef Akira Watanabe from Japan. Fusion food is his expertise. He is good in mixing Japanese Food and Italian Food.

With Chef Akira Watanabe

The new branch in Plaza Indonesia offers difference atmosphere and menus. Compare to AW Kitchen in Plaza Senayan that has Italian classic and romantic atmosphere, the branch in Plaza Indonesia has wide, bright and modern atmosphere where it feels like home. The menus are a bit different too. There are some food that are available in AW Kitchen in Plaza Senayan, but not available in AW Kitchen in Plaza Indonesia. And vice versa. You can only find pizza in AW Kitchen in Plaza Senayan, but not in Plaza Indonesia. The reason for this differentiation is because AW Kitchen wants its customers to try both branches. The ones that are the same are their coffee and cocktails.

The AW Kitchen in Plaza Indonesia has no door. So you can see everything inside the restaurant from the outer side. It is good enough for Jakarta's social people who want to see and be seen.  

At the Grand Opening of AW Kitchen in Plaza Indonesia, Chef Akira Watanabe has chosen his best food for all the guests who attend the event.

Let's eat, everybody!

Amuse Bouche 
Beet-Root Expresso Soup 

Beet-Root Expresso Soup

What is it? A soup? Or a coffee? Well, it is both of them! Woho! It is served in a regular coffee cup. When you sip it, you can feel a beet-root soup taste with coffee aroma. The appetizer successfully amuses my mouth and invigorates my palate. Very creative! Two thumbs up for the creativity of Chef Akira Watanabe.  

Antipasto Freddo 
Chu-Toro Tuna & Red Snapper Carpaccio

Chu-Toro Tuna & Red Snapper Carpaccio

Carpaccio is a dish of raw fish, thinly sliced or pounded thin and served mainly as an appetizer.  It is like eating Sashimi, just with more spices and flavors added. So, no need to add soy sauce.

This beautiful food is savory enough for me. The food is made in round shape. The half round is Tuna, and the other round is Red Snapper. The fish roe or the salty fish egg balances the taste of the raw Tuna and Red Snapper. Yummy! I love it!  

Primi Pasta 
Hokkaido Crab with Ikasumi Spaghettini Tomato Sauce  

Hokkaido Crab with Ikasumi Spaghettini Tomato Sauce

Ikasumi or squid ink, is a dark pigment that's released by squid as an escape mechanism when they feel threatened. The popular ingredient in Japanese cuisine that has fishy taste was discovered in the 1970s with Italian dishes that use squid ink. Nowadays, in Japan, squid ink is used in spaghetti, pasta, pizza, curry rice, onigiri, hamburgers, etc.

This is the best food I eat in the event. The taste is perfect enough for a salty-tooth kind of person like me. Spaghetti is their best food and this one has proven it. The squid ink has added more taste in the food. The Crab is delicious! Bravo!

Secondi Piatti 
Wagyu Tenderloin Wrapped in Baked Potato & Truffle Oil 

Wagyu Tenderloin Wrapped in Baked Potato & Truffle Oil

The food comes with something like a flag. The flag-look-a-like is a chip from mint leave. This is a kind of healthy food, a combination of protein and vegetable. It is perfect enough for those people who practice food combining diet. Although it is a meat dish, but the taste is quite light. It is good for lunch or light dinner.

Lychee Mousse  

Lychee Mousse

A very good closing! This is an awesome dessert! What can you expect from yummy mango ice cream, smooth vanilla mousse, fresh lychee, sweet caramel and cheese biscuit? A beautiful life from the food perspective. If you just want to have a good dessert, then this is the right one. It is a perfect companion for afternoon coffee or tea.

Thank you, Chef Akira Watanabe, for cooking the fresh,  healthy and delicious food. I will surely comeback for more!

Arigato Gozaimasu!

Happy selfie with Chef Akira Watanabe

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