01 February 2016

Le Gran Cafe - Gran Mahakam Hotel

For once again, I make my way to the Le Gran Cafe at the Mahakam Hotel. I start to get really familiar with this hotel. I take my parents for a buffet lunch at the cafe, my Aunt has her wedding ceremony at the hotel, and I come for an event held by a woman magazine in Indonesia at one of the ballroom at the hotel too. I become a frequent visitor here :-)

You can read my previous visit to the Gran Mahakam Hotel at: http://astridamalia.blogspot.co.id/2015/09/exploring-le-gran-cafe-and-aoki.html

Le Gran Cafe is famous for its Indonesian Cuisine. Recently, their Nasi Daun Jeruk receives an award as one of the best food in town. Wow! Congratulation, Le Gran Cafe!  

Recently, I visit Le Gran Cafe again because they want to promote their Lunar Chinese New Year and Valentine Day programs. 

But before all, let's hit the belly with the amazing food at the restaurant!  

Black Angus with Sweet Potato and Morel Sauce

Black Angus with Sweet Potato and Morel Sauce is a special dish for the Valentine Day! I really love the Black Angus that is crispy and easy to chew. And the Sweet Potato balances the savory taste of the sauce. Delicious!   

Sushi and Sashimi Corner

This Sushi and Sashimi Corner is always the first choice each time I visit Le Gran Cafe. I know that the taste of Sushi and Sashimi are the same in anywhere around the world, but again, this is my favorite spot. The Sashimi is fresh and the Sushi is nice. 

Oyster and Prawn

For those who can guess that the Oyster and the Prawn are my next best destination at the cafe is correct! The Oyster is fresh, but the taste will be so much better if you eat it with the sauce. 

Lontong Mahakam

This is my first time to eat this Lontong Mahakam. I don't know how come I miss this dish each time I visit Le Gran Cafe. But oh, this is yummy! It reminds me back when I was a Muslim and celebrated the Eid al-Fitr day with my family. This kind of dish is one of the main menu that my Mom cooks at the big day. The dish reminds me of my history. History? Yes, because I am a Catholic now. Thank you.
Lontong is a dish made of compressed rice cake rolled inside banana leaf and boiled, commonly found in Indonesia. The one in Le Gran Cafe is special as it is wrapped with fried tofu skin and nori. Yum! 
In the bowl, you can find Tea Egg, Vegetables cooked with Coconut Milk, Chicken cooked with Coconut Milk, Sliced Dried Meat, Compressed Rice Cake, Deep Fried Cracker, etc. 

Seafood Steamboat

Woho! Seafood Steamboat! Another great discovery! This is nom nom nom! I am more than happy to eat a big bowl of this savory and spicy dish. Seafood never fail in my mouth! 

Bakso Malang

This Bakso Malang (Fish Balls from Malang) reminds me of the root of my family. I have visited Malang, East Java for many times because my Mother comes from the city. I know very much about the food in the city, and the Bakso Malang that Le Gran Cafe has is very authentic. I like it.
They say that the best companion for a rainy day is this hot Bakso Malang. Hhhmmm.... :-) 

Dim Sum

Baked Macaroni

Kue Ape

Kue Ape is a cookie originally from Jakarta.You can find it on the street or at the Le Gran Cafe too :-D 
Sweet and fresh, and there is a taste of Pandan leaves. The main ingredient of the cookie is Screwpine Leaves. Kue Ape is also called Kue Tete or Breast Cookie. Well, see it and tell me if it reminds you of something :-D

Bird Nest Dessert

The Bird Nest Dessert is only served at the Lunar New Year Celebration. Fresh, sweet and healthy, it is very good to close the big dinner I have. 


Gong Xi Fa Cai!
Xin Nian Kuai Le! 

On 7 and 8 February 2016, the whole restaurants in the Gran Mahakam Hotel (Le Gran Café and AOKI Japanese Cuisine) will celebrate the Lunar New Year with their great dishes. The hotel will present Barongsai dance performance too. And there will be Tarot Reader who will read your fortune in 2016. Yeay! 


On 14 February 2016, the Valentine Celebration will be special at the Gran Mahakam Hotel as it serves delightful cuisines at Le Gran Café and AOKI Japanese Cuisine accompanied with melodious live music performance. Don't forget that Le Gran Cafe is very good at making delicious cake that will give sweetness to your Valentine Day. And for those lovebirds, you guys will get sparkling wine, roses and memorable photograph if you celebrate Valentine’s Day at Hotel Gran Mahakam. Wow! 

Jalan Mahakam I no.6, 
Blok M, Jakarta 12130 
Tel: (62 – 21) – 720 99 66
Fax: (62 – 21) – 725 20 11
E-mail: dopr@granmahakam.com, aprm@granmahakam.com, pro@granmahakam.com
Website: www.granmahakam.com 

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