20 October 2015

Nordic Cuisine with Jaakko Sorsa at C's Steak and Seafood of Grand Hyatt Hotel

Grand Hyatt Hotel 
Jl. MH. Thamrin Kav. 28 – 30, 

Gina Desmeralda from Grand Hyatt Hotel Jakarta, Chef Jaakko Sorsa from FINDS and me

What is Nordic Cuisine? How do they taste? Do I have to go to Europe to eat them?
These questions start to arise in my head when I receive the invitation to attend the Nordic Cuisine Dinner.

The term "Nordic" is derived from the local term Norden, used in the North Germanic languages, which means "The North(ern lands)". The Nordic countries are the countries in Northern Europe and the North Atlantic, which are Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden. 

Nordic Cuisine is western food, prepared with ingredients of Nordic countries and typical European techniques including smoking, curing and pickling. Seafood is an important part of the cuisine as the people are surrounded by sea and lakes. The dishes are made from fresh raw materials and made in natural preservation to face the cold or winter season in the countries when the supply of the food is not as much as the other seasons.

In my situation, I can not imagine if I have to travel to all those five countries just to satisfy my curiosity about the Nordic Cuisine. It is gonna be a very expensive food blogging experience to go to the countries, although I hope someday I can visit them. Amen! 
But I can let go my worries as I get the invitation from the C's Steak and Seafood Restaurant at the Grand Hyatt Hotel that collaborates with Asian Food Channel to experience the Nordic Cuisine at their restaurant, not in Europe. Thank God :-D 
They bring Chef Jaakko Sorsa to Jakarta to introduce the Nordic Cuisine from his magic hands. Nice! 

Jaakko Sorsa is the Award Winning Executive Finish Chef at the FINDS which is stands for "Finnish Icelandic Norwegian Danish Swedish", the only and finest Nordic Restaurant and Bar in Southeast Asia located in a boutique hotel in Hong Kong. Its fresh-and-straight-from-Norway Salmon is the signature ingredient in the restaurant.
Jaakko Sorsa has the experience for many years to handle very important circles, like guests at Presidential Palace of Finland, Executive Board of Nokia, Princess Takamado of Japan, Princess of Sweden and Princess of Saudi-Arabia. He is also the author of his recipe book, Scapas Dining. He is the Chef of the Year 2015 in Foodie Fork Award. Wow! 

Chef Jaakko emphasizes that his dishes are healthy and pure. 
Looking at the menu, I can expect that the food are healthy, as most of the dishes are from Salmon and Vegetables. Salmon has healthy fat, protein and Omega 3, while Vegetables are known to be the number one healthiest food in the world for its fiber and nutrition.
Pure food is guaranteed as his food is the genuine Scandinavian dishes without any modification, and they are straightly from the nature. 

Let's start the journey to the Nordic Cuisine with Chef Jaakko Sorsa! 

Smooth Salmon Soup 
King Crab, Dill Cucumbers 

Smooth Salmon Soup

The first food to open my sense of taste is Smooth Salmon Soup. The Soup made from Grilled Salmon's Head that is crushed in a blender and mixed with various spices, vegetables and dill. On top of the soup, there are sprinkles of tasty King Crab. The soup is deliciously warm, and the dill cucumbers gives a fresh closing at the end. I love the dish as it has creamy texture and savory flavor. Don't forget, I always love Seafood and I tend to have salty-tooth :-) 

Salmon in Six Ways
Gravad Lax, Cold Smoked, Seared, Mousse, Pickled, Smoked Roe 

Salmon in Six Ways

This is the Chef Jaakko's signature dish in FINDS. 
The plate has six small cuts of Salmon cooked in six different methods of preservation.
The first piece is Salmon Gravad Lax. Gravad in Swedish means burying. Gravad Lad is the Swedish way to rub some salt into Salmon to cure it. The fresh Salmon is covered with Chopped Beet Root, Lemon Peel, and Sea Salt. After that, the raw Salmon was kept for 24 - 48 hours in a refrigerator or buried to let the salt absorbed by the Salmon. As a result, the thin sliced Salmon Gravad Lax will have reddish surface, and taste a bit sweet and salty. It feels like Sashimi.
The second is Cold Smoked Salmon. The third is Seared Salmon served with a Radish Slice and Citrusy Avocado Mousse. 
The fourth is the Creamy and Thick Salmon Mousse. The texture of the delicious Salmon Mousse is impressively smooth and soft. 
The fifth is Pickled Salmon topped with Pickled Baby Carrot and Pickled Pearl Onion. The last one is Salmon Roe with Creamy Cream Cheese
Do you know what's crazy about the dishes? The dishes are served with a shot of liquor! That is a real kick to my face :-D   
Chef Jakkoo suggests that the dish should be consumed in order from the light one to the most flavory one to experience the joy in tasting the different flavors. 
It is amazing to know that one ingredient can be cooked in six different ways. As the dishes have good combination of protein (Salmon) and fibers (vegetables), then they are also good for those who are on diet, especially on the food combining diet. 
Some of the dishes are so creamy that they are melted directly to my throat. 
Such an amazing experience I get from one plate of many joys! This is a very recommended one for those who like to explore and adventure. 

Roots and Mushrooms
Roasted Goldroot and Beetroot, Brined Mushroom Salad 

Roots and Mushrooms

This dish is very good for those vegans and vegetarians, or those who are in any kind of healthy diet. This is good for me too as I am a big fan of the sweet Beetroot. The fresh natural taste of mushroom create fullness in my mouth, while the Goldroot and Beetroot gives fresh and sweet closing at the end. 

Duck Breast "Patrami"
Smoked Bell Pepper Sauce, Burned Feta 

Duck Breast "Patrami"

The slices of Duck Breast are beautifully cooked, cured, smoked and seasoned. Some Cubed Pickled Pumpkins are served in Finnish way to balance the duck dish. The Burned Feta Cheese - one of my favorite things in the world - is on the side with a spark of Black Pepper and Fennel on top of it. It is marvelously delicious when the duck meets the feta cheese inside my mouth. The creamy effect is unforgettable! 

Slightly Smoked Veal Tenderloin     
Porcini-Barley, Black Currant Sauce 

Slightly Smoked Veal Tenderloin

Two slices of Veal Tenderloin is the main course of the night. The extraordinary tenderloins have been smoked and slow cooked. Topped with Blackcurrant Sauce with a slice of Carrot as "a sight for sore eyes". The tenderloins are accompanied with cooked yummy Barleys and Puree.
It is surprised me that the taste of the Barleys is like a combination of rice and oats. It is very smooth and easy to chew. It is totally a healthier choice than the usual mashed potato. 

"Daim" Parfait Dessert 
Meringue, Almond, Caramel, Dark Chocolate, White Chocolate, Red Berries, Spruce Needles  

"Daim" Parfait Dessert

This is also the Chef Jaakko's signature dish in FINDS. 
When I see "Daim" in the menu, my mind goes to the famous Daim Chocolate from Sweden. So, my expectation is not far from the richness taste of that famous chocolate brand from Europe. When Chef Jaakko serves his own "Daim" Parfait Dessert, I totally forget about my expectation, because Chef Jaakko's Daim Dessert is much better! 
All the ingredients that he blends (sweet meringue, almond, caramel, dark and white chocolate, red berries) complement each other, and they look so beautifully yummy!  
The unique and rare ingredient in the dessert is the Spruce Needles Syrup spread around the dessert. The syrup is made from the tip of Pine Trees. The syrup smells like a pine forest and tastes a little woodsy and citrusy. The syrup is a great match with the sweetness in the dessert. It is a brand new thing for me to "eat a tree" in my plate. Oui, il est parfait! Yes, it is perfect! 

Overall, the dishes are delicious and unique, as Chef Jaakko knows how to balance the main ingredients and the spices. The dishes are still pure, genuine and raw, while the spices only act as little taste enhancer. 
What I like from the friendly Chef Jaakko Sorsa is that he explains his food just like a story teller tells the story to the children. Very detail, warm and personal. I can sense that he knows his food very well. 
He also comes to my corner to explain about one of the dishes. I guess he knows that I was not available when he explained about the food earlier. His attention is very detail. Thank you, Chef Jaakko! 

Concha Y Toro Wines

The dinner is accompanied by Concha Y Toro Wines that makes the night feel even warmer and more intimate. The dinner is also a warm meet up with some closed friends. Can you feel the warm atmosphere in the event?


As usual, the dinner is full of laughs and happiness. Everyone understands that when the belly is full, then the heart is happy and the mind is calm. 

Enjoy your dinner, everyone!

Chef Jaakko Sorsa


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