28 September 2015

Fashion Report: Indonesian Traditional Fabric in Modern Style

Today, we can wear Indonesian traditional fabric at any events. We can wear it at both casual and formal event, in both traditional and glamorous way. We can also play around with the way we wear it. 

Together with Femina Magazine, Estee Lauder and Gran Mahakam Hotel, Didiet Maulana - the Creative Director of Ikat Indonesia - shows the public that the traditional fabric can be used in modern style. 

Ikat Indonesia wants to bring the nation’s cultural heritage through modern fashion with its simple and minimalist style.

Didiet says that we need to choose the fabric that fits with our body and the color of our skin. Before we wear the fabric in sarong or twist style, we need to pay attention with its natural pattern and design so it will look nice and proportional in our body.

We may mix and match the fabric with almost anything, especially some plain tops. The other main things that can be used for mixing and matching the fabric, especially to add more glamorous effect, are accessories, make up and hair do.

Didiet also shows how to wear the fabric by making it as skirts or pants, and by adding different accessories for different occasions.

So, don't say it is hard to wear traditional fabric. Be creative! Show the world about the beauty of our heritage in modern way.

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