04 March 2015

Pampering the Belly at Riva Grill Bar and Terrace – the Park Lane Hotel

Riva Grill Bar and Terrace 
The Park Lane Hotel 
Jln. Casablanca Kav. 18,
Email: riva@theparklanejakarta.com
Website: www.rivagrillnbar.com

Usually, Saturday is a day for me to teach yoga or just to relax and enjoy the day. But there is one Saturday that really makes me full, happy and fat. That Saturday happens when I receive an invitation to witness and taste 25 food, desserts and beverages from the Riva Grill Bar and Terrace. So yes, that Saturday, 25 becomes my lucky number :-D

The Riva Grill Bar and Terrace is located at the Park Lane Hotel, a hotel around the busiest road in Jakarta. The busy road does not stop people from coming to the hotel as they have regular great customers from high level companies in Jakarta. Wow! 
Riva itself is a place where you can have a romantic dinner and a relax time with your friends to enjoy some drinks and music. So wonderful! 

As I arrive at the Riva Grill Bar and Terrace, a non-alcoholic welcome drink are served for all of the bloggers who are invited to the event. The drink is a bit sour, just perfect to open our hunger :-) 

When everything is set, we enter the dining area that is located right in front of the kitchen. Oh, I always love the open kitchen concept in any restaurant I visit. It is sexy for me to watch what happens in the kitchen. 

The commander behind the kitchen is the Executive Chef Deden Gumilar who was trained under previous experienced French chef. Listening to all his stories about his experiences in the past, I can expect that the food, dessert and drinks he and his kitchen brigade make will be extraordinary. 

In the event, they serve Small Plates Menu and Main Course that are divided into 8 groups of dishes, and each group contains one to four kinds of food, dessert and beverages. And all those things equal to 25 items! I stop breathing to know the number of the items we must try and eat. I guess God loves me too much that He blesses me with this kind of pleasures. Thank God :-))

Are you ready? Let's start to chew now!




Green Spinach Salad 
Australian spinach, strawberry and roasted almond flakes, with lemon and olive oil dressing

Thai Green Mango Salad
Coriander roots, lemon juice and chili dressing

Spanish Potato Fritata 
With mesclun salad and fresh tomato sauce


Salmon Tortellini 
Truffle cream sauce

Sauteed Salty Prawns 
With two types of tofu, crispy garlic, spring onion, hot chillies and rack salt

Lobster Bisque 
With Japanese shimeji mushroom and crouton


Javanese Oxtail Consomme
With oxtail terrine and vegetable brunoise

Riva Spring Roll
Chicken, prawn, and foie gras with blue cheese dip

Chicken and Scallion Kuo Tie 
Pan fried chicken dumpling with soy chili sauce  



Japanese Vegetable Fritters
Coated with Japanese tempura dough and served with tempura dressing

Chinese Tofu Salad
With shredded fresh vegetable, egg, crushed nuts and sweet soy chili dressing

Waldorf Salad  
With green apple, celery, roasted walnuts and mayonnaise


Pan Fried Barramundi
Black and white shimeji mushroom, green asparagus, blended leek and purple shallot – yellow root sauce

Breaded Dory Fillet Roulade 
Stuffed with fennel, celery and red onion served antiboise sauce

Seared Norwegian Salmon Medallion 
Truffle infused potato mousseline, vegetable ragout with coriander and lemon cream sauce


4 Hours – Slow Cooked Poached Chicken 
With porcini, green asparagus, morels and "vin jaune"

Braised Australian Lamb Foreshank   
Smoked garlic and potato mousseline with own jus

Low – Oven Baked Asian Soy Chicken 
Vegetable pickle,, mashed roasted purple sweet potato and garlic yoghurt dip


250gr Sher Wagyu Tenderloin 


Chocolate Ginger Mouse
Crunchy chocolate ginger mouse, strawberry, sauce and vanilla ice cream

Blueberry Financier 
Oreo crumb, raspberry sorbet, almond paste quenelle and blueberry sauce

Riva Summer Pudding
with berries and passion fruit sorbet

Fruit Platter Cocktail 
Jelly on Tequila Sunrise, Lychee Martini and Strawberry Daiquiri

Spaghetti Margarita 
Spaghetti on Strawberry Margarita 

Choco Mint Smoky
Jack Daniel's, Peppermint Syrup, Bailey's and Fresh Milk

Everything they serve is great. Because I believe that all eatable food and dessert, and drinkable beverages taste either delicious or very delicious :-D 

They also introduce their infused jelly fruits. So the fruits are infused with some liquors. Woho! Can I just say that it is a different way to get a healthy high? LOL!

At the event, the restaurant provides us with some forms that we need to fill in with our comment about the taste of the whatever they serve. Well, I have some opinion about them. All of the food, dessert and beverages are very delicious, and my tongue is familiar with some of them because they are taken from our traditional food which they upgrade the taste and the design to a new level. 
What I like the most is anything that they cook from the fish side. Their fish-based dishes are marvelously yummy to the max!
Recently, I change my desire from eating more steak to eating more fishes. I find that fish can taste more delicious than the meat. The fish has its own savory taste already, and all you need is to add salt, garlic and oil. Yum! Yum!

This event makes me realize that pampering and taking care of my body does not always mean to go to a beauty clinic and do some scrubbing job and blowing hair, it also means to love my belly with some great food, dessert and beverages!

Enjoy your meal, everyone!