20 October 2014

The New Faces of Democracy in Indonesia

Congratulations to the new President of Indonesia Joko Widodo and the new Vice President of Indonesia Jusuf Kalla! May God always bless you from today and forever. You are the new hope for a better Indonesia. Amen!

And I guess, this is the first time in the Indonesian history tthat Indonesian people are really happy to celebrate the new leaders of democracy in Indonesia! 

On the other side, Jokowi, Ahok, and Risma are some of the new reasons for me to love Indonesia more. They are really sincere hard workers who share their true loves to Indonesia by working hard to make sure that humanity, prosperity and equality are restored. Just like what Ahok said, one of the simple ways to love Indonesia and to fight for Indonesia is not to conduct corruption.

By the way, congratulation to the new Governor of Jakarta Basuki Tjahaya Purnama aka Ahok! You are the new hope for a better Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia. We also hope that someday you become the next Indonesian president. Amen! 

Whoever you are and whatever you do, let's love and support these new democracy faces in Indonesia. They need our trusts, supports, loves and also our contributions to make a better Indonesia! 

Once again, congratulation, Indonesia! God truly bless our beloved Indonesia! 


(Photo: Courtesy of Google.com) 

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