28 February 2014

Karma Yoga - Seva

This Karma Yoga (Seva) I conducted was from the assignment of the Yoga Energetics Teacher Training (YETT) I attended in 2012. 

This is some of my personal experiences in 2012 of both learning to teach Yoga to public and sharing love and kindness by providing free Yoga class and CranioSacral therapy as soon as I graduated from my YETT.

Yoga For Scoliosis Patient

A man came to me and asked around about yoga for scoliosis. It was for her daughter who has Scoliosis at her back. After I explained him about my yoga and my price, he said that he could not afford it. So I decided to donate my yoga service for this litte girl.

She comes to my place twice a week to practice yoga at the garage and between the cars. It is not a perfect place, but it is all the space I have so far. Around 90 minutes of free yoga practice each time she comes. It is not a fancy yoga like the ones in the yoga studio, but it is nice and fun.

She is a very critical person who likes to browse for any yoga poses and consult with me. Sometimes I can sense that she wants to do fancy yoga poses, but I slowly teach her also about the patience. So many times I tell her that some of the fancy poses she wants to try can endanger her scoliosis. Gladly she listens to me.

I ask her to keep coming to the doctor, so I know the progress of her scoliosis. The latest one I get is that her scoliosis is slowly decreasing. It is considered good as she does not do anything but yoga.

I am just happy to facilitate the cureness in her back. Hopefully, she stays in the practice and the scoliosis will go away soon. And I thank the doctor who suggested her to practice yoga to cure her Scoliosis.

CranioSacral Therapy For Senior

One day, I met an old woman while waiting for a taxi. After a long conversation and after she knew what I do for life, she told me that she had several pains and sicknesses, especially at her knees and hips. When I offered my service for yoga practice or craniosacral therapy, she refused as she knew she could not afford it. So I told her that I would give it for free. She was surprised and delighted.
Then she invited me to come to her house.

That day, I found out that her house was behind the train station and she opens a small store in front of her house. Something that opened my eyes on why this 70 years old lady could not afford the fee of my service.

So, this was her first experience on CranioSacral Therapy. During the therapy, I found the blockage at her left middle back. When I touched her heart, she felt pain at her right shoulder. When I put the Crystal Stone pendulum above her body, the movement of the pendulum kept changing directions.
After the session was over, I discussed what I saw with her.

She said that when I found the blockage at her left middle back, that maybe because her left ribs were broken when her husband fell on the top of her body. When she felt pain on her right shoulder, she confessed that she had lifted heavy stuffs, including lifting her husband each time he falls. And when we discussed about the pendulum that kept changing its movements, I asked her how she felt and she said that she was a bit unstable physically and emotionaly to deal with her husband who was hit by stroke several years ago.

ended the session by asking her kindly for not being too stress about everything, including about her husband, if she wants to really cure from the sickness she has.

A few days after the first CranioSacral Therapy, I visited her again to say hello. She told me that her pains were gone and asked my help to conduct the therapy again if I was free. This time, she said that she would pay some little money to appreciate my work. And I said no. I told her that I took my service to her as my service to the community. And I was just happy that I could facilitate her body to heal itself.

At the second session, her body was getting much better, eventhough I still felt the blockage on her middle back. As I stimulated her middle back with a little bit of massage, I could feel that it started to move. When I checked her body with my Crystal Stone Pendulum, I could find that the energy of her body was so much better as all of her chakras move around the pendulum. I could feel the energy that pulls the pendulum. So strong! Happy to know that her body responded to my hands and that she was getting better.

After the session was over, she cooked for me and we had lunch together. I was so glad that she was so happy to receive the treatment and that we became good friends.

General Yoga Event For Donation

One day, my friend arranged a donation event and asked me if I could also donate some money too. And I told her if I made a yoga session for donation, maybe we both could collect more money. So she agreed to do the yoga event for donation.

The yoga event was held at her home. Around 25 people came from the church, our friends circles and the nearby neighborhood. The place was not that large, but everyone said it was fine, as they just wanted to do yoga for fun. Before I started the event, I told them that all the money they paid would be gone to the local Orphanage.

At the yoga event, I gave them a very gentle yoga movements as I knew there were a lot of beginners in the room. Started from sitting poses, a little bit of standing poses and more stretching poses and relaxation.

At the end of the yoga event, I gave some people, maybe around 5 people, a bit of CranioSacral works. I only picked some who really needed it, like the elderly people, those who were sick and injured.

At the very end of the yoga event, I provided my time for yoga discussion with the participants. They were curious about yoga and diet. So then I shared some of my knowledge about yoga, diet and detox with them.

We collected good money from the event, and my friends donated the money and the other donations from the other activities at the event to the local Orphanage.


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