22 March 2012

Astrid Amalia - Kompetisi Wanita Karier 2011 oleh Majalah Femina (Career Women Competition 2011)

It was a surprise for me that I was nominated by the Femina Magazine to join the Career Women Competition 2011 (Kompetisi Wanita Karier 2011). 

After submitting all the forms and doing all the interviews, I was elected to be on the Top 50 list. The link to the list is: http://www.femina.co.id/femina/pengumuman/50.unggulan.kompetisi.wanita.karier.2012/010/004/14

I was not so sure if I could make it. But I made it to the Semi Final (Top 30 list). The link to the list is: http://www.femina.co.id/femina/pengumuman/30.semifinalis.kompetisi.wanita.karier.2011/010/004/17

And that's it! I only reached to the semi-final. But hey, I am so glad and proud to be a part of the competition.

It is an achievement for myself for all the little things I do in my life. Just a little achievement that I can save for my future career. 

Femina Magazine is one of the biggest magazine for Women, Career, Business & Lifestyle in Indonesia. The magazine have been interviewed me for some topics, like: Yoga, Health, Social Media, etc. It is cool, isn't it? 

Thank you very much, Majalah Femina and BII in Women's Life, for having me at the competition. I hope to see you again sometimes soon :-) 

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