19 July 2011

Mobile Ad / Marketing in Indonesia

How do you sell your company’s services? How do you sell your brands? Can all those things be done in our mobile technology? And sadly, the answer is YES! LOL!
We invited Andi S. Budiman (founder of IDS International Design School and partner of Ideosource), Tri Meyliana Sadewi (from BuzzCity), Yoshiki Enohara (COO of MicroAd Indonesia) and Oon Arfiandwi (from 7langit) to explain the beauty of the mobile advertising and marketing landscape in Indonesia.
Dewi introduced BuzzCity as a mobile media company offering brand owners and agencies access to a global advertising network on the mobile internet. BuzzCity has developed in-depth knowledge of the mobile consumer and provides marketers with clear opportunities to reach this audience via its advertising and publisher programs.
She revealed that Indonesia is always in the Top 3 (together with India and Vietnam) at advertising impressions, while the highest penetration of mobile phone is teenagers (aged 15 to 19), and instant messaging or chatting are the most favorite applications among the teens. Dewi wrapped up his her presentation by saying that by using mobile advertising at BuzzCity, the clients can survey their product or data mining, direct call to their customer service, download their application, etc.
Andi used the event to introduce his new baby, an incubator called Ideosource. The establishment of this incubator is his way to adapt with the current situation.
Today, the growth of mobile content occurred both at the low end handset and high end handset. The mobile consumers in Indonesia consume a lot at music, social network, community and content. Using his school, International Design School (IDS), Andi is trying to create the new generations that are familiar with the digital and mobile world. IDS is the school of design for the students to get knowledge, to have the networking and implement (make action) what they study. After that, Ideosource will act as the consulting company, venture capital & incubation too for the students and the startup companies to give the funding, the business roadmap, the network and mentorship.
Yoshiki said that MicroAd, the largest ad networks in Japan with 75% audience reach, has gathered together a tremendous number of websites, putting together a network that collectively reaches more than 10 billion monthly impressions, and attracts 55 million unique monthly users. The company offers clients with several ad delivery options, including behavioral targeting and retargeting. Together with CyberAgent, the company provides a tremendously strong sales channel.
MicroAd provides profiling targeting which is one-to-one ad server analyzing visitor’s preferences and behavioral feature. It is their strong tools of custom-made behavior targeting. The company also developed matching system combines advertising linked to website content, and advertising linked to user behavior history (tendencies and attributes), delivering information optimized for the individual user. Yoshiki ended his presentation by saying that MicroAd Mobile ad network system on the media provides high-quality technique in the glowing ads market which covers Japanese feature phones and also Google Android and iPhone.
Oon said 7Langit was established to be a publication media as well as monetization. 7Langit started their first app called GempaLoka in 2009. And until 2011, 7Langit has provided Apps that has been installed by more than 2millions unique BlackBerry users of Indonesian providers.
Oon suggested that for mobile Ad implementation in BlackBerry, simply use BlackBerry Ad Service. One of the benefits is the BlackBerry feature integration. Oon concluded that user targeting is difficult to do, due RIM centralized infrastructure.

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