14 November 2010


The place of Heaven is up there on the top of everything, while the place of hell is down there below the ground.
God never judges & never gives punishment. He forgives & heals the sickness in the people who believe in Him. Have faith in Him.
Whatever you believe in, you must know there's a deal in it. Whatever the deal is, you must know how you're going to do the after life.
Something happens for a reason. If you are sensitive enough, you know what message that God wants us to know.
Gifted humans are those who can't see the spirits. The level of humans is higher than them. We're not supposed to see them.
There are devils that look like angels. Those who look like angels are not always angel. Have faith in God to see the differences.
All the powerful people in this world... They can be powerful here, but will they ever be powerful at the after life?
If you make a deal with the devil, then don't be surprised if the people you love can be the victims of it.

Whatever beliefs you have, if you still worship something other than God, then you just make a deal with the devil.

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