02 July 2009


Wondering when the government will finish the monorail project instead of arguing about the contract itself. A big city like Jakarta really needs a good transportation for its people to support their activities for 24 hours. Without good transportation, our activities will be slow down or even stop. If these happen, how can we catch up with the necessary things in our life like working, etc?

We pay taxes and everything the government asks, but we can’t enjoy the basic facilities in this city. So where has our money gone? Even if we can enjoy the facility, we still need to pay to use it.

Again, there is no reason not to continue the monorail facilities or whatever projects about good transportation that we need today. So I guess the government should decide whether they really want to continue this monorail projects or not. If not, please switch it to another project that will allow us to enjoy a completely decent transportation in this big city.

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