29 May 2009


Blumchen Coffee
Jl. RS. Fatmawati No. 1
South Jakarta
Tel: (021) 9195-9112
Fax: (021) 521-2478

After a beautiful day with some friends on Saturday afternoon, my best buddy Ree offered a meeting to coffee cupping at Blumchen Coffee. She just did not want to meet at a mall that she thinks it is where the kids gather hehehe. Alright then, so I went there.

Before this, Ree has told me that this café is owned by a Korean, the head barista is our former favorite barista at Bakoel Koffie (mas Anto) and how good the place is.

I was greeted by mas Anto himself when I arrived at Blumchen.

As I sat, I felt that the interior of Blumchen has a simple concept, a living room just like in our home.

As you open the front door, at the right side, the café shows a living room with a long sofa just like in our home. At the left side, there is a coffee bar, where the baristas make the coffee that is closely side by side with the coffee roaster machine. After passing the so called living room, there another so called dining room inside. The room is filled with many dining tables. The concept is just like an elite house. The difference is only at the small toys placed at the café. You can see bicycle under the coffee bar, a red motorbike, etc.

That night, I preferred to sit at the coffee bar so I can have chat with the baristas.

After some moment chatting with mas Anto, he then offered me to order some drinks.

As I asked about the favorite kind of drinks there, mas Anto said that Blumchen has three famous drinks: French Kiss Coffee Latte, Rolo Way Latte and Blumchen Spicy Coffee. Suddenly , not only, I asked him to give me one full glass of its three coffee drinks, but also give me the other two drinks as additional drinks in small glasses as tester. Guess what? Mas Anto said: “OK, we will make all three coffee drinks in full glass, but you must finish all of them here, ya.” Oh yeah, I thought he planned to kill me with the joy of caffeine hehehe.

Finally, the three glasses of coffee arrived right in front of me.

The first drink I tasted was French Kiss Coffee Latte. The drink is a mix of coffee, milk, caramel and whipped cream. The taste of caramel is so strong. Mas Anto said that the drink is good for ladies as it tastes sweet. Oh yeah, mas Anto, ladies are indeed sweet hehehehe.

The second drink I tasted was Rolo Way Latte. The drink is a mix of coffee, caramel, chocolate, and whipped cream. The taste of this drink is almost the same with French Kiss Coffee Latte, but bolder, as it does not have milk in it and it has chocolate. The color of the drink is darker than French Kiss Coffee Latte.

The last coffee I tasted which was my favorite one was Blumchen Spicy Coffee. The drink is a mix between espresso and cinnamon. The baristas usually will ask us if we want to add the drink with whipped cream, but I suggest not. The drink taste better without whipped cream, because the taste of coffee and cinnamon are the main sources of joy of the drink. It tastes soft. And when the flavor of the cinnamon hits your nose, that is it! I know it as the joy of coffee cupping.

The Blumchen Coffee has free wi-fi. So if you come alone, do not feel so lonely, please. You can grab some magazines provided in the café or take your laptop with you and browse some good websites here.

By the way, Blumchen Coffee sells coffee beans and Vietnamese coffee dripper. And in the future, they will sell mini coffee grinder.

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