10 January 2007

New Year’s Eve: Dinner & Bronze Durian from Pontianak

Happy New Year 2007!!!

Anybody celebrated the New Year’s Eve?

I was planned to go home to my parents in Cibubur and had a dinner and opened a bottle of wine with them. But it was a surprise that I got a lot of sudden invitations to New Year’s Eve parties on that December 31st, 2006. Unfortunately, I could not come to those invitations as I already promised my parents to have a dinner with them. (Sorry, guys. You have to book your seat earlier, I guess, hehehe).

When I came home, I saw my Mom cooked Semur Ayam, Opor Ayam, Ketupat, Lontong, Sayur Rebung, and Lasagna. We also had a guest star in our dining table. Our neighbor sent us Chicken Satay from Cilacap, West Java. All food were so delicious that made our stomach full and happy. We closed our dinner with a bottle of 2002 red wine from Portuguese. I forgot the name. Never mind. According to the wine expert at my house which is my Dad, the wine tasted not so good.

Two hours before we went to the New Year, I walked down to a house of a closed-family at the same neighborhood. They invited me to come to taste the Durian fruit from their plantation. Of course, I did not say no to the invitation. The Durian is something I really like, especially that a rumor has it that the color of the Durian is orange. Really, eh?

After having a chit-chat with the house-owners, and after drooling for so long thinking about the Durian, finally I ate the Durian with another guest in the house.

I saw two not-so-big Durians, which were placed at the garage, with different size. The owner of the house, the very nice lady, let us eat the Durian, but asked kindly if we only took the bigger one as she wanted to keep the other one for her son who was out for New Year’s Party. Yes, Madam!

When we opened the Durian, yes, the color of the fruit is orange to golden yellow. The smell of the Durian was not so strong. My nose said that the Durian smelled so nice and smooth. When the fruit reached my tongue, it tasted so nice. Just like the smell, it tasted so smooth, not so sweet, but not so bitter. This Durian is the kind that most people will love to eat, even those who do not really like Durian. It is all because most people can accept the smell and the taste. Other Durians seem too strong both in smell and taste that can make you guys feel drunk before you eat the fruit.

What amazed me was that my hands were Durian-smell-free. Yep, this Durian did not leave its trace in my hands just like other Durians.

Before closing all the happiness on that day, I sent an SMS to the son of the lady who gave me the Durian. What was the message? Well, I wished him all the good prayers for the year of 2007 and a bit complaining why his Mother kept one Durian for him while I was drooling to eat it hehehe. He can eat the Durian everyday, right? Later in the afternoon, he sent me the Durian that I saw the night before. Oh lala. (Thanx, buddy). That was the best gift at the first day in 2007. Hope that I keep receiving good gift this year and forever. Amen.

I shared the last Durian with my Mom and my Dad. My Dad said that the Durian is Bronze Durian from Pontianak (West Kalimantan) if he was not mistaken. And yes, he said that the Durian was yummy.

OK, any Durian out there for me?

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