29 December 2006


Last week, a friend of my Mom asked me to go out with her to the Minang Festival in Indonesian Miniature Park (Taman Mini Indonesia Indah). How could I say no to a food festival, especially from a nice woman like her?
The park was crowded as usual; especially the day was the Sunday before the Christmas Day. (Merry Christmas to you all). Big families, two people in romance, and group of teenager…they gathered in the park.
The festival was held in West Sumatra area. It gathered almost all Padang Restaurants in Jakarta. Minang or Padang is the ethnic group from West Sumatra. I was not satisfied enough with the festival itself. The participants only showed off the food without selling them, while I was drooling and hoping to taste the food he he he. A friend of my Mom had suggested them to sell the food too the next time the park holds the festival again. Well, I just hope that the next festival will be so much better than this one.
At the festival, I took some pictures that attracted my eyes, from the food to the premises, and other funny things.
Enjoy Minang !!

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