09 January 2006

Sleeping under the sky

A : Why don’t you sleep? You said that you were sleepy.

B : Yes, already. All I need to do is to close my laptop, lie down and close my eyes. Sleeping under the sky and the stars.

A : What? Sleeping under the sky? Are you sure?

B : Yes, it is true.

It was a conversation between me and a friend who works in Aceh, a place where Tsunami landed.

From here, then I remember that I ever tasted sleeping under the sky for just one night. This happened when I joined the outbound training in a place near a mountain outside of Jakarta. I was a bad girl as I did not want to sleep in a provided tent. I choose to sleep outside of the tent and enjoyed the coldness of the night, the beauty of the moonlight that surrounded by the light of the stars, and the melody of natural orchestra that was played by the choir of crickets and frogs. That night was beautiful. At least, that time I realize that God always creates something beautiful which we sometimes never realize that. In the middle of Jakarta, which I always stuck in the traffic jam and the crowd of people, would I realize the beauty of the night from my home? Well, I do too much of activities that I forget to make love with Mother Nature.

From here too, I then thought more about this activity of sleeping under the sky. What I did was just for one night only. My brain said that if it happened for just one night only, it is cool as sometimes we need to find different situation, but if sleeping under the sky is a part of the situation and condition just like what happened to my friend, how should I face it? From there, my mind then travels to other unlucky humans that have such situation and condition where they should sleep under the sky, such as the beggars, those who do not have house, etc. Well, my heart cries to think about how much pain they need to suffer, how they should fight the coldness of the night, the heavy rain and the hotness of the sunlight.

Finally, I can only thank God that I still have a place to live where it protects me from bad things. I also need to thank God that my condition is not that bad. At least, my condition is better than those who live on the street and it is all because God has provided things enough for me. Thanks, God, for everything. Amen.

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