28 December 2005

Patience & Value of Friendship

God has just blessed me with an old experience but it is getting deeper, and that is patience. Patience has been a good friend of mine, which is loyal enough to accompany me, and I also try to get used to be closed and get along with the patience, though its companies, such as the tears and the hurt inside my heart, like to participate as the cheerleader and the supporting act. Still, the patience dominates my soul, as I believe that God never sleeps. There must be causes, consequences and compensations of everything. Moreover, I take it gladly with heart. Well, anything may happen to us, but the sun still rises in the east side and sets in the west side. Therefore, whatever situations we have, life still goes on. That is what I do now which is to go on with my life.

I also learn that some situations can open my eyes and show me the knowledge about true friends and enemies, and that friends can turn to be enemies. It is clear that the depth of some friendships is only a skin deep away that may be broken if it is scratched a bit. If I am the one who scratch it, off course I will request an apology, things that I always do. However, if the one who scratch it is other people, sometimes a slaughter will occur without any chance to defense ourselves. Well, that is life; do not expect that all things will be conducted as we plan and as we wish.


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