12 May 2005

CinnZeo - Second Visit

Mal Kelapa Gading 3
Ground Floor, #51
Tel: 021-4585-3904 / 4585-3905

As I walked down at the Kelapa Gading Mall, I suddenly smelled something nice. It’s cinnamon! Yep, I am familiar with this smell. This must be CinnZeo, the café that I visited several months ago. Surprise that the smell is still the same.

As I entered the café, as usual, I always asked what the most recommended food from the café. So standard! The waiter at the restaurant suggested that I talked to the supervisor of the café, Rizal. Rizal himself suggested that I ordered Cinnaroll, Pecaroll and Coffee Toffee Caramel.

The Cinnaroll: When the roll comes, I was attacked by the cinnamon smells from the roll. (Okay, this is a cinnamon roll, so what’s your problem, Trid?) This roll looks so nice. Above the roll, you can see white cream that looks like snow covering the mountain. When I bite it, I can taste the sweetness of the white cream. Rizal said that the white cream is made from Philadelphian cream cheese. As I eat the bread, the bread is so crunchy and so chewy. The bread is made from Canadian wheat. I can also taste the cinnamon and the brown sugar between the bread and the cream. Hmm….. Rizal said the cinnamon is imported from Siam. Well, guys, what a long way to go! From Philadelphia to Canada to Siam and all end up in….my mouth. Yeah!!

The Pecaroll: this roll is almost the same like Cinnaroll. The different is only that this roll is added with pecan nut above the roll and caramel inside. The roll is still chewy, but you need to chew the roll a bit longer, of course for the pecan nut. The smell is also a bit different. There’s a baked pecan nut smell between the cinnamon smell. Hm….

Coffee Toffee Caramel: This drink is interesting. I feel like drinking milk with sand. What’s inside? Rizal said that the drink is a blend of mix powder, milk and ice cube. The mix powder is secretly made in Canada. So secret that he didn’t wanna tell me what it is. Yeah, right!!

With the kindest of the barista working in the café, I also tried to make my own espresso. The coffee machine that the café uses is an Italian coffee machine, Lamarzocco. First, I need to take the grinded coffee bean from its place. This café uses Lavazza coffee. I just have to put a toggle under the box and press the button at the right side of the box. One time press is enough for a single shot espresso. After that, I need to place the toggle under the coffee machine and turn it around tightly. My mistake is that I did not turn it around tightly that my espresso is broken. The crema is broken!! Ah, maybe I better enjoy the coffee made by the real barista. Easier to drink than to make!!!

I must admit that the roll in CinnZeo is delicious. I must come back then soon. But it is so sad that CinnZeo is only available in Kelapa Gading, which is very far from my home. Hikssss!!!! They used to have one branch in Surabaya, but already closed down.



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