25 January 2011

Make Peace with My Past

"What people think about you is totally none of your business!" - written at one of the walls at Planet Futsal, Kuningan, Jakarta.
My life isn't a car that has rearview window. I just don't wanna look back to the past too much, because I live my life today for my future.
It's very human to make mistakes & I always try to forgive people & try not to humiliate them. My heart is too small to keep all the hatred.
I make mistakes too. Of course, I'm just a human. I try not to do it again, but some people never forgive that. And that is not my business.
To forgive is usual, while to not forgive is unusual. To be kind is usual, while to be unkind is unusual. Those are the habits that I learn.
To say thank you is usual, while keeping the mouth closed & walking away without saying thank you is unusual. Easy habit people forget.
I have forgiven my mistake & others in the past & make peace with it. If others don't wanna forgive my mistakes, that's none of my business.

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