09 April 2010

Just Change My Twitter Account... After So Long!!!

Dear all,

I just got a chance to visit the blog again after so long.... And the funny thing is I just realize that the Twitter page displayed here was not mine. Dang!

Well, it was mine, then I changed my user name, but I forgot to change it here also. Then, after so long, I just realize that the old user name was taken by someone else. So well, as you know, the Twitter page showed someone else's twitter, the one who took my old twitter user name.

But everything is alright now. I found my stupidity and fixed it as soon as possible... Well, maybe not that soon.... Because it should wait until a year.... Again, blame my stupidity. LOL!

Ok, thanks a lot for everything. And please forgive the old error, OK!

Astrid Amalia

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