20 April 2005


This review is an old one. I did not have time to publish it here. But now, I do have one. So, enjoy the Flores Coffee over here....


Sometimes ago, I received six packages of Flores Coffee from a friend of mine, Tyas. (Thanx, Tyas, for knowing that the stock of coffee in my kitchen has ran out…heheheheheee).

Tyas’ family has and manages a plantation down in Flores. So, each time Tyas need coffee, she could just make a call to her family in Flores and get it the next day. As simple as that? Yeah, I am very jealous too.

The coffee is packed nicely inside small plastic bag. No name, no brand. How come? Of course, lah. It’s a family business, and it is only consume by the family.

The first time I received the packages, I could tell that the coffee smelled like tobacco. The color of the coffee is a true black. It seems that the coffee is well roasted. Or if you order steak at a restaurant, then the term will be “well done”.

As my fingers touch the fine-grinded coffee beans, they send signals to my brain that the beans went through a wet process as the texture of coffee is so humid. (Hey Tyas, CMIIW).

When I mixed the coffee with a par boiled water, everything stays the same. The color of the coffee is still true black and the smell of the coffee is still like tobacco. Feels like drinking a cigarette….heheheheee……

How about the taste? The taste is a bit strange. The taste is between bitter and spicy. Yep, the taste of the tobacco!!!

When I drink it as a black coffee, it is OK. But the better version is when I mix the coffee with milk and sugar, or just mix it with sugar. Yeah, that’s better!!!

So, the character of this Flores coffee is strong and spicy, and very “compatible” with sugar and milk.

May you all have a nice cup of black coffee,

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